Controllable natural air inlet louvre - VO

The Colt VO (Variable Opening) Ventilator is a controllable, heavy duty ventilator which has been developed specially for the extreme conditions found in industries producing large amounts heat such as the aluminium steel, machinery and glass industries. It is robust and needs little maintenance. It produces effective ventilation of problem zones and in addition provides natural daylight when the ventilator is open. The VO ventilator can be installed into all common vertical walls.

Features and benefits

The VO ventilator is made from aluminium and has a 50 x 50 x 5 mm aluminium angle section frame. The louvres are Z shaped with a thickness of either 1,5 mm or 2 mm, and are connected by a control bar. The louvres pivot on double, UV-resistant nylon bushes. The ventilator has a simple, robust structure so maintenance is kept to a minimum. The ventilator can be opened by hand, cable, pneumatic cylinder or motor.

Pneumatic operated (P)

The ventilator can be operated by compressed air via a pneumatic cylinder built into the ventilator (operating pressure 6 bar) Two return springs close the ventilator automatically on release of the air pressure.

Hand operated (H)

If the ventilator is mounted at working level, the louvres can be operated by a handle attached to the ventilator. The louvres are fully adjustable between “open” and “closed”.

Extreme weather conditions

The Colt VO can withstand the most extreme weather conditions, ranging from Arctic conditions to deserts.